"The power that made the body,
heals the body. It happens no other way."

- B.J. Palmer

The Problem | The Goodman Method of Chiropractic

The Problem

Your head is misaligned from the top bone in your neck. This creates pressure and irritation on your brain, affecting your entire body, and causing any number of painful conditions.

The Solution | The Goodman Method of Chiropractic

The Solution

Using The Goodman Method, we will restore alignment to your head and upper cervical spine, instantly removing the damaging pressure from your brain, turning you into a powerful self healing machine!

Success Stories | The Goodman Method of Chiropractic

Success Stories

The testimonials you are about to read are not uncommon. Throughout the years there have been so many cases of dramatic healing and pain reduction, it is what we have come to expect!

About Us | The Goodman Method of Chiropractic

About Us

This unique approach to chiropractic is practiced exclusively by Dr. Steven Goodman. Please take a few moments to learn about the men behind the method.

The Problem

An “upper cervical misalignment” is when your head is displaced from its support system, the C1 atlas and C2 axis vertebrae. This misalignment puts pressure on the brain and spinal cord causing distress and imbalances throughout your entire body. Spinal stability is compromised, which affects disc integrity, nerve transmission, and muscle tone. Also directly affected is circulation, respiration, energy levels, and sleep quality.

A primary reason people continue to suffer from chronic spine conditions is because the underlying issue remains untreated. Less than 1% of chiropractors focus exclusively on this vital area of the spine. Medical doctors and therapists are also unaware of this debilitating misalignment.

The Solution

The Goodman Method is an extremely effective way to treat and resolve conditions of the spine. Instead of trying to figure out which spinal bones may be “subluxated” or “misaligned”, we know that they are only out of alignment to compensate for the underlying issue, the misaligned head!

When the head and upper neck are in proper alignment, the entire spine is too! This spectacular phenomenon takes place the whole way down the spine and into the pelvis and sacrum. The attached muscles, nerves, discs, and ligaments will finally have a chance to relax, allowing you to heal.

Establishing perfect alignment of the head is not an easy task, so Dr. Steven Goodman invented an instrument called the 3G (named after himself, and his mentors- Dr. Ralph Gregory and Dr. John Grostic) to aid in the treatment process. The instrument allows us to make highly specific treatments.

Success Stories

Richard L. Russell, M.D. - Harrisburg, PA

"While practicing as a cardiovascular surgeon in Harrisburg for 30 years and serving as former Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Harrisburg Hospital and Polyclinic Medical Center, it was my good fortune to become acquainted with the exemplary chiropractic skills of Dr. Goodman.

Kimberly Levine - Thornton, PA

"I would recommend Dr. Goodman to anyone suffering from chronic neck pain. I always feared chiropractic treatment options, but the techniques that Dr. Goodman uses are unique and extremely helpful for issues connected to the cervical region of the neck.

Aaron Smith - Sunbury, PA

"My name is Aaron Smith and seeing Dr. Goodman was probably the best decision of my life. Being six foot eight inches and three hundred plus pounds, I was naturally recruited by coaches to play football, and always had hopes of possibly making a career out of it.

Amber Green - Aberdeen, MD

"This practice works! I grew up having severe headaches and migraines, and Dr. Goodman's treatment takes them away for a year at a time, and it's wonderful!

Lori C. - Lancaster, PA

"I have had problems with neck pain off and on since high school (I am in my 40's now). At times the pain would flare and interfere dramatically with my daily life and work.

Carol - East Earl, PA

"To the one in pain. When I read testimonials I wonder if they're real or not. I promise, this one is real. I was in an automobile accident in Feb. that left my neck and back in severe pain.

Steven J. Chant, Kaoru O. Chant - Wyalusing, PA

"My wife, Kaoru, and I have experienced back and spine problems and have found little relief with the usual chiropractic methods. Kaoru was experiencing extreme, long-term headaches, dizziness and nausea from an auto accident in the early 70's.

Patricia L. Herr - New Britain, CT

"I am very grateful for the quality care in have received from your treatment center. Several years ago, I was involved in an auto accident.

Denise Race - Willow Street, PA

"My name is Denise Race and I have suffered with migraine headaches for 30 years, most weeks having about 2-4 days out of 7 with a migraine and never pain free.

Joyce Fennell

"I started going to Dr. Goodman after my daughter hurt her back and was unable to stand. She went to Dr. Goodman for one treatment and came out standing straight and feeling great.

Ruth Hertzler - Marshall, IN

"Dear friend, In 1993, I was in an accident and received a fractured skull and severe neck injuries. I've endured lots of pain and severe headaches, till I found out about Dr. Goodman. I feel richly blessed to have found such a blessed relief.

Charles Magro

"Dear Dr. Goodman: Since you tend to never promote yourself, I really must insist you hang this testimonial up in your office and this is why I have sent this letter to you in a frame.

Bob and Sharon Wanner

"Dr. Goodman has had a significant effect on my life by helping me find the cause of my back pain, and correcting it after many other attempts had failed.

Linda Zeimer - West Lawn, PA

"Wow! that is all I can say about your treatments! this past spring, i saw my sister suffering such severe back pain, and after seeing Dr Goodman for a few visits, she was pain free.

About Us

Dr. Steven Goodman  | The Goodman Method of Chiropractic

Dr. Steven Goodman

Dr. Steven Goodman experienced for himself the powerful benefits of upper cervical treatments when he was 18 years old. It did not take him long to realize that it would be his life’s work. Dr. Goodman Graduated from National College of Chiropractic in 1975, and then began his internship with the founders and developers of the NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) organization. Steven practiced NUCCA for many years, until he had a breakthrough. He invented and designed an instrument that would emulate the NUCCA hand technique, making his adjustments more repeatable, consistent, and reliable. Since the advent of the 3G adjusting instrument in 1995, Steven has been constantly improving and fine-tuning his treatment method to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients. In his free time, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife Elaine, and their two dogs Amir and Lucy. He also enjoys writing poetry, playing his hand pan drum, and reading inspiring works of literature. Steven and Elaine have been married for 35 years, spending most of their time together in Lancaster, PA. They moved to Myrtle Beach in 2009 and have been enjoying the coastal beauty ever since! Steven and Elaine are now back in Lancaster County enjoying the grandchildren. They will periodically return to Myrtle Beach to see patients .